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A few of the many positive comments we have received through the years...Thank You!

"I received the book and cd yesterday. It is great !!!!!!! I've been taking fiddle lessons since October of last year. With the "beginning" skill level that I am at, your book is perfect. Well recorded, having the piano and fiddle recorded on separate speakers makes it easy to adjust the volume for the instrument you want to hear louder or softer. I was the last one to bed last night, didn't want to put down the fiddle. My wife will be able to play along on the mandolin and my 11 yr. old son can play along on guitar. He has also been taking lessons on guitar. Your choice of songs is great, lots of the old time songs I grew up hearing at the square dance halls with my folks. I am learning to read music, so I am writing the music note "letter" below the fingerings in your book. I can play much better with either music notes on staff lines or written as the note "letter". Although this extra exercise will take some time on 44 songs, it will be an additional learning experience too ... Thanks for this great learning tool !!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody learning the fiddle needs this."
Collinsville, TX

"Great Item. My 10 year old daughter has already learned her first song!"
Lenox, GA

"Dear Cindy and Russel, I really wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the four books that I have purchased from you. You have done a great job on preparing them. Also, you are doing a wonderful service to the fiddling community by making these books available...I have played off and on since I was age 8 and am now 63. I played straight through the books and my husband, who is seldom given to compliments, was full of praise. "Most enjoyable", says he! {:0) Being a shut-in and not having a guitar player in residence makes having the CDs very useful. I have been a huge fan of book plus CD since they first came out..."
Dallas, TX

" already!! Best way to start the violin/fiddle by far. Thanks!!!!"
Shelton, WA

"Thanks, learned more in one evening than the last six months."
Versailles, MO

"Dear Miles Music, I am a music teacher, but I don't play fiddle. I played violin briefly in college, but never had the time or an instrument at my disposal to really learn like I wanted to. Cindy Miles book is absolutely wonderful! I've been looking through it and I'm very impressed. It's easy to understand and so very well written and laid out... I just am very impressed with this book and the professional quality of the entire packaging and cd. I'm a writer, too, but not in the music field. This is a fantastic book that you've put out, but you probably have heard that many times. Thanks,"
Aberdeen, MS

"Relaxing and fun way to fiddle. If you enjoy fiddling, this is the way to go."
Conroe, TX

"Hi Russel, I received the book already today, good service. I do enjoy it, tell Cindy the fiddling is great, very easy to follow. The book is also easy to read, will know a few tunes right away. thanks again,"

"Excellent, service, great product. I was fiddling within minutes!"
University Place, WA

"Received your book and CD. Now the whole house is wanting to learn to fiddle. Our "fiddler" is balking at "note Playing" like he calls it, but he picks it up from hearing the CD. Ten year old girl is picking up on it with the book and so's her mama. I'm even going to take a hand at the "note playing" but have just really enjoyed playing along with the CD as the only guitar player in the house is myself and of course I can't strum and fiddle at the same time. Thanks,"
Freeman, SD

"One of the best tab/cd combination I've bought. Teacher likes it too."
Oakland, CA

"Hi there Cindy!! I live up here in the mountains in the northern part of New Hampshire. I just wanted to let you know that I bought your first edition book and it is really great!!!! I am fifty years old and have just started learning to play the fiddle, my father was an old time fiddler and was also the old time fiddle champion in New England from 1951-1956 when he died of a sudden heart attack. I wasn't old enough to learn much from him but I finally decided to play (better late than never). And I have to tell you that you have made it so much easier for me to play as I can't read music and it was very frustrating for me especially when I have no one to teach me but your book has changed all that...thank yooooooou!!!!!! Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to your next book and will buy it as soon as it is available. Thank you!!!"

"Wow! It's arrived - fast - and we love it. It's more than we'd hoped for :-)"
Grass Valley, CA

"Russel, ...Some friends came over last night, and they said, "How did you learn the fiddle so fast?" They came over a few weeks ago and I did not know a tune then. I did not tell them I had guitar lessons from age 4-13, so I can breeze thru some of the beginner stuff. But ya'll make it easy with the number system. My next goal is to read music without the numbers. Being close to Nashville, everything here is music, music, music. I go to Church with a lot of famous people in the music business. I doubt if I will ever be a celebrity, but its fun playing around friends. Thanks so much,"
Mt. Juliet, TN

"Great book and cd , you have opened a new door in my world, thanks"
Surrey, B.C. Canada


"Hi, we received the new book....thank you so much.I'm out here on a ranch in Nebr. teaching myself to play fiddle at age 53, your first book was such a relief after toiling thru (other product)... so thanks again and I'll keep poking along..."
Humboldt, NE

"Relaxing and fun way to fiddle. If you enjoy fiddling, this is the way to go."
Conroe, TX

"Cindy: I restore old violins I buy on E-bay and that people bring to me and re-sell them wherever I can. I also play. I ordered one of your books (among several) to see if there was one I could recommend. I chose yours and have recommended you to several people. I know of at least one who had bought from you. I am traveling to Hallettsville Texas on April 22nd to the Texas Fiddle Championships and will have a booth there to sell my wares. I feel that your book would be a great addition to my new beginner fiddles that I offer. I actually think it would help me sell some of my instruments..."
Saginaw, TX

"Great product for beginners! My little guy loves it! whipped right through."
Cape Girardeau, MO

"Excellent learning material! Fiddling in no time. Thanks"
Portland, OR

"Dear Miles Music, Hi There, Not really a question, Just a big thank you, this is the best instructional material. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks again,"

"Dear Miles Music, ...Just a note to let you know this is an excellent music book and very well done. After catching on to your technique, I have had an extremely good time playing along with the CD... I want to purchase your next two music books, Books 2 and 3. Tell me where to go and order them. Thanks for the fun,"

"Awesome introductory book and CD for fiddling around on the violin. Ooooh Aaaaa"
Escondido, CA

"Dear Miles Music, Yes! I copied your book 1 cd onto my computer and play it when I'm working on other things...use your book and (other product) something clicked and I was able to "get" the connection between cd/hearing the music/your music notation and my violin. The most difficult thing for me to learn is this playing by feel and ear...thanks, Cindy...I am 54 years old and this is great fun...your cd and book are wonderful...could not have gotten this far without!"
Shelton, WA

"My son is doing a great job learning his fiddle thanks to you!!!! Thanks so Much"
Montezuma, KS

"Hi Cindy and Russel: The course just arrived and it seems to be exactly what I am looking for. If I can make some progress, I will probably get the second course also. Right now it is all new to me even though I have been playing bluegrass on the guitar since 1960. Thanks for the course..."

"I love this book! It's perfect for me! Learn violin the easy way folks!!! I am!"
San Marcos, CA

"Oh thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!! :) Yes I would like to get all of your books. Is there a package discount deal for buy them all? Just curious. I'd like to get my own copy of Book One. My husband is quite the fiddle player and he has picked up a few tunes that he didn't know by heart yet from book one, so I think he'd really enjoy book two, three and the Christmas book too. And when I get better I'll be able to use them too. I'm so excited!! Thanks"
Adams, OR

"Ideal for beginner like me. Let me know when vol. II is available."
Simpson, LA

"Well done as with all the books. Just wish I could play like Cindy!"
Conroe, TX

"Music is fun to play, makes practicing enjoyable, CD is excellent. Thanks Cindy!"
Amherst, WI

"Greetings! I have just purchased my fourth book/cd combo from you folks. I play guitar, banjo, bass, harmonica, tinwhistle and now fiddle. I just started playing the fiddle prior to ordering the first old time fiddling book. I got to tell you that I am very pleased with what I have been able to learn from your teaching methods! the companion cd is awesome I play it in my car on the way to work constantly, thus programing my mind as to the ways of a fiddler! I think you are really on to something here! I plan on buying book three some where down the line. what it has done is got me really interested in old time fiddle including cajun styles... thank you for your product and time! sincerely,"
Taunton, MA

"I'm 63 and learning to fiddle from her book. Get one!! She's the greatest!"
Clarendon Hills, IL

"Cindy, These books and CD are great. If you ever move to Ft.Worth Texas I want to sign on as your first student. Thanks for these great books. Thanks"

"I am so glad to hear that you are continuing the series of books. If you have a mailing list ...I need to be on it so I can order the new releases as soon as they are ready. Gospel in one book I can't wait to have! Thanks for publishing such great, fun and easy books! Sure am glad I found you... I have a fiddle teacher, and she teaches this very style. Your books are a wonderful addition along with my lessons. This is a real testimony from a 50 year old fiddle newbie. Thank you for publishing these books. I practiced for hours last night. Job well done!"
Wetumka, OK

"Thank you for your time putting the violin/fiddle book together. Although I'm at the extreme beginner stages of playing the instrument I found your instructions easy to follow and really appreciate everything on cd. As a beginner having the cd was a tremendous help with understanding. Thanks again, God bless,"

"Russell & Cindy - I purchased the above (plus Book 2) from you last November and didn't get a chance to start until recently. Wanted to tell you I think the CD's and books of tunes are great, just what I was looking for to get back to playing the fiddle. It's been 15 years since I last tried to play. Hope you plan some more. My interest has always been with old-time fiddle tunes and Irish jigs... I really enjoy playing along with you on the CD... Thanks much, I really do enjoy learning to play again. Should of never stopped. Now I never will."

"Great Book - I am a beginner's beginner & I can follow it"
Bradenton, FL

"Hi I just bought this item, absolutely love the layout, I can learn the tablature way which I like and then read the notation (real method), BUT, curious do you have old time fiddle Book 2 as well? I would like to purchase the set if possible."
Kitchener, ON Canada

"Hello again! Just wanted to say that I received my fiddle book and cd today and I am so really thrilled with it!! I know I will have hours and hours of enjoyment with it and I am also so pleased that it came so quickly as I am going on a camping trip to the mountains this week end and was hoping I would have it to take with me. Thanks again so much and I will probably order more from you again in the future. Keep up the good work of cataloging the old tunes. Sincerely yours,"
Long Beach, CA

"Very happy! your hard work makes fiddle playing a joy thanks!"
Taunton, MA

"I got your lessons and my daughter started playing some of the songs last night and I asked her what she thought and she liked them... she was very happy with your lessons thank you."
Welling, OK

"Just wanted you to know that I love the Old Time fiddle book I purchased from you recently. It is awesome for a beginner like me! Thanks,"

"I just wanted to let you know I finally received the Old Time Fiddling Book and started playing today. I know I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this! What fun! The guitar chording that goes with the songs is great for my husband. Thanks for another great way to bring music and fun into our life!"
Longmont, CO

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