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Downloadable Fiddle Tab, Fiddle Standard Notation, Split Track MP3 with Fiddle and Piano Accompaniment

Old-Time Fiddling Instructional Series
All music books include tablature and standard notation as well as a split-track CD including all songs.
Old-Time Fiddling Book One Old-Time Fiddling Book One
Beginning level progressive instruction
82 page book with 45 track CD
ISBN 978-0-9710446-7-8, $24.95, more>
Old-Time Fiddling Book Two Old-Time Fiddling Book Two
Progressive instruction following Old-Time Fiddling Book One
74 page book with 35 track CD
ISBN 978-0-9710446-8-5, $24.95,  more>
Old-Time Fiddling Book Three Old-Time Fiddling Book Three
Progressive instruction following Old-Time Fiddling Book Two
76 page book with 35 track CD
ISBN 978-0-9710446-3-0, $24.95, more>
Additional Old-Time Fiddling Music
Old-Time Fiddling Gospel Favorites Old-Time Fiddling Gospel Favorites
A supplement of Old-Time Fiddling Book One and Old-Time Fiddling Book Two
84 page book with 44 track CD
ISBN 978-0-9710446-6-1, $24.95, more>
Old-Time Fiddling Christmas Tunes Old-Time Fiddling Christmas Tunes
A supplement of Old-Time Fiddling Book One and Old-Time Fiddling Book Two
74 page book with 43 track CD
ISBN 978-0-9710446-9-2, $24.95, more>
Resources from Carwile String Studio
Champion fiddlers, multi-instrumentalists, composers, and educators, Daniel and Amy Carwile are a dynamic husband and wife musical duo whose personal connection lends poignancy to their music and spark to their performances. Showcasing their versatility on fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, piano, and vocals, their eclectic repertoire of acoustic music includes traditional tunes as well as original compositions stylistically ranging from bluegrass and Celtic to old-time and swing.
Instructional DVDs
Championship Fiddling Series
Instructed by Daniel Carwile

Three great videos designed for the intermediate
to advanced player. Tunes are presented slowly and at desired tempo. Camera angle captures fingering and bowings.

$39.95 each.

Hoedowns - featuring Forked Deer, Bittercreek, Dusty Miller

Waltzes - featuring Kelly's, 40 Years Ago, Memory

Tunes of Choice - featuring Texas Serenade, I Don't Love Nobody, Beaumont Rag

Contest Style Rhythm: Standard Guitar
Instructed by Daniel Carwile

Learn how to create a good groove! Video describes the essence of contest style accompaniment--harmonized bass lines. Several progressions are presented in different keys. Recommended for players with a basic understanding of chords. Includes tablature.


Contest Style Rhythm: Tenor Guitar
Instructed by Daniel Carwile

Explore the rhythmic and chordal possibilities of this unique instrument. Learn chords and their inversions as well as several progressions in different keys. Recommended for all levels. Includes Tablature.


Recordings on Compact Disc Featuring Fiddle
Amy & Daniel Carwile
Amy & Daniel Carwile
Col Arco

Daniel and Amy's latest recording, showcasing stylistic diversity on traditional tunes as well as original pieces.  Featuring Daniel and Amy on fiddle, five string fiddle, viola, piano, mandolin, banjo, tenor, standard, and archtop guitars, bodhran, spoons, and vocals.

Songs Include:

Chief Sitting Bull
Rutland's Reel
Cole's Waltz/Trinity Jig/Mull of Kintyre/St. James's Gate
The Harvest Medley
Tates Creek/Brown County Breakdown
Chip's Round: Blue Eagle, Goodnight Waltz, Trot Along
Exactly Like You
Rocking Chair Jig/David's Jig/Murray River Jig
Hot Java
Tom & Sylvia's Waltz/Dog Hill
Amazing Grace

$15.00   also available at

Daniel Carwile
U.S. Grand Master Fiddle Champion

This recording captures the essence of Texas-style contest fiddling. It contains eight rounds consisting of a hoedown, waltz, and tune of choice.

Songs Include:
Dusty Miller
Crafton’s Blues
Say Old Man
40 Years Ago Waltz
Billy In The Lowground
Beaumont Rag
Kentucky Waltz
Sally Goodin
Texas Serenade
and 15 additional tunes!

$15.00   also available at

Daniel Carwile
Terra Nova

Reflects Daniel's eclectic approach to traditional tunes as well as several cross-tuned numbers. The accompaniments are traditional and non-traditional, including various combinations of bouzouki, DADGAD guitar, and cello.

Songs Include:
Bitter Creek
Clarinet Polka
Jack of Diamonds
Laughing Boy
Midnight On The Water
Forked Deer
Dry and Dusty
Kelly Waltz
and 5 additional tunes!


Daniel Carwile

Compilation of two previously released recordings, “Fiddling at Ten” and “Family Old-Time Fiddling.” Contains three new compositions by Daniel.

Songs Include:
Durang’s Hornpipe
Cotton Patch Rag
Canadian Waltz
Done Gone
I Don’t Love Nobody
Martin’s Waltz
Kirkland Jig/Ranier’s Reel
Amy’s Waltz
and 17 additional tunes!


Moody Bluegrass

A Nashville tribute to the Moody Blues featuring Sam Bush, Larry Cordle, John Cowan, Allison Krauss, Tim O'Brien and others. Daniel lends a hand on fiddle, violin, viola, cello and mandolin.

Songs Include:
Lovely To See You
Land of Make Believe
The Voice
The Other Side of Life
I'm Just a Singer in a Rock & Roll Band
Ride My See Saw
Legend of a Mind
Your Wildest Dreams
Nights in White Satin
Late Lament
Never Comes The Day It's Up To You


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